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Bluetooth Troubleshooting on Chevrolet MyLink Radio

Below are a few things to check if you are having problems with your Chevrolet MyLink radio connecting to your Bluetooth phone. If all of these don’t help you figure out and resolve your problem you can always stop by or give Our Certified Tech Expert a call at Cecil Clark Chevrolet in Leesburg at 352-787-6888.


  1. Is your Bluetooth icon turned on, on your phone? This feature is usually accessible under Settings – Connections – Bluetooth. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on, then try to reconnect to your Chevrolet MyLink radio.
  2. Does your phone have any pending or available updates?  This can be checked under Settings – Software Update. If an update is pending or available, try updating your phone first, then retry Bluetooth on your Chevrolet MyLink radio.
  3. Try turning off your phone, wait 2 minutes & restart. This reboot of the phone can help resolve some Bluetooth problems with your Chevrolet MyLink radio.
  4. Unpair, Re-Pair phone. Sometimes this can help reconnect it to your Chevrolet MyLink radio.

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