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free halloween coloring pages

Halloween Coloring Pages

It’s that time again! Getting all geared up for Halloween?

These spooky free Halloween coloring pages feature a variety of fun designs. These printable Halloween coloring pages are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten kids to print and color. Let your kids have fun this Halloween season.

Coloring is so relaxing. It gives you a great chance to chat with your kids while your hands are busy. It’s a nice afternoon activity. These are cute pictures, nothing scary. They are a lot of fun to color! To open these and print them, simply click the link to the one you want to download. The coloring page will open as a PDF file and you can simply print and color. It’s super easy!

Too Cool for a Costume this Halloween?

We understand that you may be so over dressing up for Halloween. You don’t want to wear a big goofy wig that you have to tote around all night, but you don’t want to be the party pooper and show up to the festivities without something. Not a problem. Here’s some low cost alternatives you can try:

Pick a Pun
In a pinch, embrace your punny side and use it to create a costume that requires little to no energy. Here are a few examples to get you started:

1. Wear some glasses. Stick a small stack of post-it notes to one side. You’re an eye-pad. “iPad.” Get it?
2.Find some mini cereal boxes. Eat the cereal (optional). Stab the boxes with plastic knives and attach them to your shirt. You are a “cereal killer.” Har-har.
3.Attach a leaf with a string to a baseball cap. Wear the baseball cap. Occasionally blow on the leaf, and you are a “leaf-blower.” Look at you; your costume is both hilarious and appropriately themed for fall.

You’ll definitely get some groans with these options, but don’t worry. It’s not because your costume is lame. It’s clearly because everyone else does not appreciate your witty, effortless sense of humor.

Channel your Inner Jim Halpert
Get a marker. Make sure it isn’t permanent. Double check that it isn’t permanent. Write “book” across your face. Facebook. Bam.

Sushi in a Snap
This one will look like you actually tried. Dress in all white, and grab a colorful pillow and some black cloth or duct tape. Attach the pillow to your back using your chosen black implement and voila, you are a piece of nigiri (fish over sushi rice). Finish off the look by sticking some chopsticks in your hair.

Hello! My name is…
Fill in the blank of a “Hello! My name is…” sticker with a name that is not your own. This option is all about commitment and delivery. You can play the role of one of your good friends, a significant other, or choose to create your own character. Say you choose to write “Tom.” Who is Tom? What are his greatest fears, regrets, passions, and aspirations? What are his most delightful childhood anecdotes? Does he like crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Really get into the role. Or don’t, if that’s your style.

Error: Lack of Effort
This one is for all you techies out there. Take a piece of paper and write “Error 404: Costume not Found” in red or black marker on the paper, then stick it to your shirt. Cheeky.

No more excuses!
Now you’re ready to enter any costume party prepared, without losing your cool attitude.

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