The coverage for the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot depends on the wireless carrier network coverage. When you are in areas where coverage fluctuates, performance may be impacted. In a 2G-coverage area, the Wi-Fi hotspot will not work. In a 3G-coverage area, streaming data or video to your devices may result in the degradation of your service.
See coverage maps at https://www.onstar.com/us/en/services/coveragemaps.html

The Wi-Fi hotspot has a range of 50ft. from your vehicle.

Seven devices can be connected simultaneously to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

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The vehicle ignition needs to be in the “Run” or “Accessory” position for the Wi-Fi hotspot to be active.

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Setting up the available built-in OnStar Wi-Fi in your Chevrolet is quick and easy! Once you’ve set up your hotspot, you and your passengers are ready to stay connected on the go.

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Tim Nixon, OnStar Chief Technology Officer, explains the overall benefits of OnStar 4G LTE.

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