Preventative Maintenance

Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

What is Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is the act of taking good care of and keeping your car’s moving components in good operating condition. Vehicle care is just important if you want your vehicle to last. Many dealerships provide warranties on vehicles, but if the maintenance schedule isn’t followed it’ll void your warranty. If you don’t have a guarantee, maintaining your vehicle could save you from needing to do more pricey repairs later on. Having your motor oil changed on a regular basis (specified in your owner’s manual) is most likely the most crucial vehicle maintenance items. As you drive your vehicle the motor oil gradually breaks down and then becomes inadequate to coat the moving components within your motor.

If that old broken down optimization is not replaced with new optimization the result is a seized engine. The motor then must be rebuilt or replaced costing you tens of thousands. The life of the motor oil is contingent on the type of engine oil utilized. You need to replace the oil and oil filter as specified in your owner’s manual, most Chevrolet vehicles are 20% (or 7500 miles / once a year). Many people put off having an oil change or just plain do not consider it until it is too late and they’ve ruined their engines.

Cost Effective

The choice is simple: Spend a few dollars here and there keeping your vehicle maintained or spend thousands on a brand-new motor or car when the engine seizes. When tires become worn or old they become unsafe, this can cause them to separate and blow out as you are driving, causing you to potentially wreck your vehicle. You put everybody in your vehicle at risk if your tires aren’t properly cared for as well. Tires will need to be checked for the right tire pressure occasionally, our Certified Service department can do this when you come in for routine maintenance on your vehicle. They will recommend tires if needed as well.